Codename! Round 3

Round 3, the final frontier. Here are the words:

The grid

. . . . .
Bugle School Loch Ness Unicorn Berry
Bug Fly Bond Game CAST
Pin Cat ‘Paste’ Kangaroo Gold
Center Code Beijing State Lawyer
Eagle Mine Africa Check Ice

Bold is unguessed
Blue is italic
Red is whatever this font is
BYSTANDER is unformatted, and all caps, so it doesn’t look like Red
The ASSASSIN word ends the game, but if I format it, it will be bold all caps

Red clue:
Lion, 2
Africa is a red word
Cat is a red word
Red passes

Blue clue:
Monetary, 4
Bond is a blue word
Check is a blue word
Gold is a blue word
team blue passes with one unused guess.

Red Clue:
Water, 3
Ice is a red word
Loch Ness is a red word
Red passes

Blue Clue:
Blockchain, 3
Pin is a red word

Red Clue:
instrument, 1
Bugle is a red word
Bug is a red word

Blue Clue:
Mahjong, unlimited
‘Beijing’ is a blue word
‘Mine’ is a blue word
‘Code’ is a blue word
‘Game’ is a blue word
‘Cast’ is a bystander

Red Clue:
Smear, 2
‘Paste’ is a red word

Players are
Team Red
@snoo – Spymaster
@soyleche – operative
@BruteForce – operative
@Snake – operative
@MayanActuary – operative

Team Blue
@John.S.Mill – Spymaster
@Rastiln – operative
@IPD – operative
@Tiffany – operative
@S.Morgenstern – operative

Team Red will go first

Please put your official guess in BOLD CAPS

In this game, Red will guess first, and has 9 words
Blue has 8 words
There is one assassin

The rules are here

I’d like to call out these rules for valid clues:

Your clue must be about the “meaning” of the word. You can’t give a clue towards its spelling or letter arrangements.

You may not use the number as part of the clue.

You may not use a foreign language to identify the word unless its a commonly used/accepted word in the language being used for the game.

You may not use a word that is an active codename in any of your clues. You may regain the use of that word if the codename is revealed. You may spell out your clue if it will help avoid confusion between two words that sound the same or if you don’t want to commit to a specific pronunciation of a word that has more than one meaning. Another player may also request a clue spelled out.

And I’m going to arbitrarily rule that proper names and common compound words are okay as clues, but homonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, and rhymes are not allowed.

ALSO, arbitrarily ruling that google isn’t allowed, either for cluing or for guessing.

All team chatter should be in this thread.
Teams should discuss their choice before making it, but anyone can make a choice. Please try to include all your teammates in the discussion, at least if they are around.

reserved even though I haven’t needed a fourth post yet.

Reserved for Rastiln to make a guess based on the reserved posts.

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S.Morgenstern will be playing in place of VA, please.

We need a room for you and @Rastiln. It’s not a great idea to react too strongly to unfinished posts.

Reserved as MayanActuary’s room.


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She’s just hedging her bets. One of those will be correct.


I think she’s pulling double duty as the mod and a neutral heckler.

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Thanks, fixed.

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Team Red:

lion, 2

“Africa” and “cat” seem obvious.

I’m in agreement with those two words

lion is basically lyin’ and lawyers always lie, so seems like lawyer is a slam dunk

Scallion #2:
Hey, Daniel! We know you’re gonna have fun down there! We’re not “lion”!

Scallion #3:
Uh, yeah, you better be “lion” down, because those lions are gonna… lie… on you!

Scallion #2:
(to Scallion #3) Mine was funny, yours was… goofy. Lions are gonna lie on him? They’re gonna EAT him! They’re not gonna LIE on him!

Scallion #3:
Well, maybe they’ll lie on him first, and then eat him… or maybe one will lie on him while the others eat him… or maybe they’ll take turns between lying and eating-

Scallion #2:
Yeah, you think the lions are gonna cooperate and say “Hey, I’ll eat him, you lie on him”? Come on, we’re the ones who are lyin’, not the lions. (seals the den up)

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I agree as well.

Official Guesses: Africa, then Cat

Africa is a red word.
Cat is a red word.

Guess again or pass.