Code switching at work

Do any of you code switch at work? Like instead of saying something like ain’t nobody got time for that I say something like I’m busy.

honestly is the best policy

but would they be offended by my use of AAVE aka Asian-American Vernacular English

At a previous company we were required to switch out our pass codes every month. At my current job there’s no such requirement. However, I still do because to not do so would really mess with my head…much like reading one of your threads does.

Kind of the same, but not [or is it?]: at a past company, I’m going fishing this weekend was code for I have a job interview and then discussions about the fishing trip explained how the interviews went.

No, it’s closer to saying crayon instead of crown at work for fear of being ridiculed as a country bumpkin.

There’s lots of places that would be better than being pointed out as an actuary.

Having to say “trying to” instead of “tryna” is one of the more annoying ones because one word is shorter goddammit