I’ve not been as busy with work lately. I need more interesting blogs/websites to read while I’m pretending to look busy at work. Got any suggestions? I need something more than you guys and MrMoneyMustache.

I get the whole bored thing during downtimes. I tend to read while I am waiting for results (done on the cloud using a stochastic heavy model).

I read (newspapers):

Financial Times (UK)
New York Times (US)
Guardian (UK)
El Pais (Spain)
Globo (Brazil)

More professional:

IfoA (various risk and life insurance sections)
Bank of England (Matching Adjustment)

Aren’t you from the CAS?

They seem to have decent resources. You can always look into the higher level papers.

Sometimes I’d read Wikipedia pages about various historical periods. You can get pretty far into the historical weeds even on Wikipedia.

I’m fully remote, so I got nothing

Yeah, I just stare at my desk; but it looks like I’m working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch, too. I’d say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.


Fine, here’s your RN.

I’m not looking for anything serious like continuing education. I like reading travel blogs, going thru Europe or living in a van. Financial independence…

Travel Blogs?

Trip Advisor

They have hours and hours of reading time in their forums.

I do lots of research there for our family trips.

Money Stuff (Bloomberg). It might be paid on BB, but you can get it delivered to your email every day for free.

Studying for Redactle?


I’ve killed a few hours surfing through Wikivoyage.

Most of the interesting-to-me content from various nomads seems to be in video form; at least among the travel bloggers/vloggers I’ve looked in on, most of their written content has seemed to be the details of the process to do/get into X, Y, and/or Z.

Back when I was in an office and I had days where I knew I was going to be idle while the computer worked, I discreetly set my phone where I could see it fairly easily, and read a few books in the Kindle app.


Might not be totally coasting, but if you need a break from the analytics grind you can try some industry periodicals. I don’t know your area of practice, but I’d regularly read Insurance Journal, Business Insurance, National Underwriter,… The first 2 have a decent amount of articles not behind a paywall, and I could access National Underwriter that is behind a paywall. Keep track and you can probably count much of it as continuing ed.


IFYP.Trolling reef central could provide hours of entertainment


Is that still up? Man, I lost a lot of hours to that when it came out… 2008 maybe?

drudge report

Today my “working from home” involved an F-19 flight simulator from around 1990 which I played on a friend’s computer in college. I would do work if I had any to do…

Marginal Revolution

How about podcasts while you pretend to look at work related items?

Y to podcasts lets have ideas there too. I have one for you all:
The Unbelievable Truth (British radio gameshow featuring comedians take turns hiding unlikely truths in a 4 minute speech and take turns hunting out the truths in each others’ speeches).

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