CNN Libsplains Florida Politics

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Florida has made a right turn since 2020. These four factors explain the change

1 Democrats stall in voter registration as Republicans surge

Sorry CNN, that’s an effect, not a cause. And the section text contains zero discussion of how hard Democrats have screwed the pooch (and dead junkie hookers) on actual issues to hurt registration efforts this much.

2 Hispanic voters turning to the GOP and opening the door to winning Miami

Still avoiding substantial discussion of causes. Democrats can’t comprehend that abortion is not always a winning cultural issue. Even among women. What is a woman, by the way?

3 The Republican money advantage

Really? With all the hedge fund money pouring into Florida, this seems like - again - purposeful deflection from the real question of why Democrats are failing so hard. Citadel types are not MAGA Republicans. They are Mitt Romney Republicans. If Democrats can’t keep amoral corporatist Republicans from at least straddling the partisan fence, it makes you wonder if maybe the not so quiet murmurs among the Cuban community are actually being heeded.

4 The short- and long-term effects of an extra congressional seat

Demographics is destiny - or so the left has been proclaiming confidently for decades. Well shucks, who could have guessed that blue-ification wasn’t an inevitable byproduct of increasing population? Not anyone blinded by partisan ideological hubris, that’s who!

I loved the comment by a D-operative. “Our messaging sucks.” Because its all about the messaging. Can’t be about the policies. NOPE NOPE NOPE. OUR POLICIES ARE PERFECT!

I wonder if the R’s can get rid of the cult of Trump and the D’s still loose if they would look at their policies then. Or would they still cling to the idea that they are morally superior and that large swaths of the county are racist, misogynist, whatever-ist.


Trump is less relevant to the GOP’s future than Democrat strategists are willing to admit.

I don’t think they have really fully contemplated what DeSantis brings to the table, because they are still trying to attack DeSantis the same way they attacked Trump. Trump sucked at administration scrubbing/building. When DeSantis rolls into D.C. it’s going to be a whole new ball game.

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Bill Maher made that point. The takeaway from races like the one for Senate in Georgia shouldn’t be that Rs are awful, etc. etc. It should be the voters SO dislike what you’re offering they’re willing to go that far to vote against it.

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Is not about policies, it’s about who can create the bigger bogeyman for the election cycle. Right now inflation in winning over crumbling democracy. Democrats are trying to pass policies to address both but it’s easier to blame Joe Biden for the present than explain anything policy related.

Just like we had death panels in 2010, and caravans in 2018.

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