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T - 1 Day for the CL Final at Wembley.

Will be joining the RM fan area at Victoria Embankment with a few friends.

Should be a great time. Got my scarf just in time as well from Madrid.

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“January 6”???

Will be watching at home, after volunteering all day for my local soccer organization, as it will be saved in my YouTubeTV library. Will not be visiting this forum until afterward. Will watch USWNT friendly after that. Then, need to start cleaning the house for son’s birthday party with small family group. Volunteering Sunday morning as well, back in time to start ribs and tri-tip.
(As if you needed to know all that.)

Just realized CBS is broadcasting the match: CBS is universally available in Canada. No need to pay for a streaming service to watch it.

Dortmund looks fantastic so far. Generated lots of chances.

Totally surprised by that first half! RM lucky not to be losing.

Scores of the last 4 CL finals:


This is looking like a 5th consecutive one, presuming someone figures out how to score in the next 30 or 60 minutes.

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Not another 1-0 game.

Undoubtedly you must be enjoying yourself.

After so many missed chances by Dortmund in the first half, it had that feeling that RM would prevail. It was entertaining for 82 minutes.

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They have reverted to 5 years ago when LIV beat TOT 2-0. At least in that game LIV dominated and deserved the 2-0 outcome.

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I got home at like 4am last night.

We had a great time in Central London with all of the RM fans.

That was a very good match! BVB just looked tired and confused at the end. RM rope-a-doped them.

OK, on to next UCL which starts…July 9 and 10 for the “yay, we get to play a match a month before the season starts! And, if we win the legs, we get to play more!”
For a team to start in the first qualifying round and somehow make it through to the play-offs (the teams that enter in later rounds are from “better” leagues, and earlier-round teams always play an entering team), that’s eight matches before 9/1.
Oh, and if a team loses the first qualifying round ties, they get dropped to a Europa Conference qualifying round.

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Jose wants to coach in a place that will allow people, coaches, especially, to physically attack referees, I guess.

Its official. Mbappe headed for RM.

I know they are the richest club in soccer but still amazed they are able to consistently sign not only the best player in the world but probably 3 or so of the best 10? Everyone wants to play for them, of course, but the cost of these contracts is staggering.

Real to pass on Club World Cup invite

The racist Valencia fans have been found guitly and given prison sentences. I think this is the first time this has ever happened in La Liga history.

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Eh. RM said they would go.
Ancelotti would prefer they not go.

I think the clubs need a little more money to make it work. This would essentially replace their World Revenue Exhibition Tours and pre-season. So, what’s the incentive? Need more than the $20M that FIFA will be giving them.

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