Christmas Music! post 1970 only

There’s a xkcd on the origin of almost all the Christmas music that gets over played around the holidays. (Ifn someone wants to link to the xkcd I’d appreciate it). Not interested. This is a thread for good Christmas music, or at least the attempts at good music by modern, last 50 years, musicians.

I’ll post the first few to get us started…

Here’s another, my favorite.

so what all ya got?

Lol. I thought this was gonna be for modern Christmas music. There’s more overplayed Christmas music from the 70s than there is Christmas music pre-dating that. And at least the Greg Lake is on heavy Christmas radio rotation by me.

That said, I can’t argue with Greg Lake, the Kinks, or the Pogues.

For a little less often played, here’s a playlist a friend sent me this year. Most is post 70.


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If you like Lake, pretty sure you know ELP’s “Nut Rocker”
Barely fits your restriction, but I’m adding it for consideration:

No Doubt


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I’m really liking the Eddie Higgins trio.

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