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Chess elos for you.

This is of course out of date. Today, the best computer is up 300 more points, and the best human is 30 points down.

In my opinion, this discussion about chess misses the point.

Complicated models rely on enormous data sets to optimize their many parameters. This implicitly assumes a stable environment.

People are evolved for unstable environments. Rather than use large data sets, we can only keep track of about 7 numbers at a time.

No wonder computers beat us at chess. You don’t get a more stable environment than that.

It remains to be seen how well these deep neural net models can be optimized to existing business environments, which we tend to try to make stable, because that lets us optimize our other industrial processes too. In this view, these models are fundamentally a form of automation, not creative intelligence, and I think that is the best way to understand them. Certainly robotics removed many automotive factor jobs and changed other ones, for example.

Continuing with the automotive factory analogy, in the 60s and 70s, american companies also spent a lot of time using then-advanced computing techniques to optimize factory batch sizes for projected demand. At the same time, japanese companies fundamentally changed the system with just-in-time manufacturing, which removed the need for batch manufacturing in the first place, and thoroughly beat the americans.

Sure, computers being gods at chess is the least surprising thing in the world.
I was just explaining how it works.

Interesting. I wonder if the computer training ( humans studying computer moves) you mentioned in an earlier post is actually inferior to human vs human. Human points started coming down when around when they crossed.

The way humans do it is against other humans.

So can computers train themselves against other computers similarly, or does their underlying learning basis depend on human generated data? The “best” human chess player in the world may not actually be the best chess player… there could be better that have never been interested in it at that level so they are not well documented. But we do know the best chess robot in the world. Maybe somewhere in the bowels of the data it has consumed exists that match of the actual best human in the world.

Nah. It’s a good way to study, if boring. I’m not sure what affects the top elo. It’s complicated because it’s always relative to the field.

Nah. This is pretty far off from both how chess and computers work. :smiley:

I know nothing about chess, but i think you are definitely wrong. :slight_smile:

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I suppose you might say people are evolved for a smaller environment. I’ve heard a baby can learn to recognize a cat with 5 pictures. And, out in the wild, you might only ever see a cat 5 times before one eats you.

It might take a machine longer, let’s say ten-thousand images, but that’s easy to do, not because the environment is “stable” but because it can collect data from a billion people. It is like a hive mind, in thar respect.

So yeah, there might be some future where humans lay down the groundwork, or maybe not.

Lots of data is only relevant in a stable environment. For example, suppose we are trying to figure out how to bet on a roulette wheel. We can watch however many rolls until the frequencies for each number even out to their true propensities.

But if those probabilities change quickly relative to how quickly we can collect data, because we change out to a different physical wheel say, then the old data hurts us instead of helping us.

One of these responses may have been embellished…


If i said, “I posited your query to chatgpt.” Would that be a correct usage of the word “posited”?


Yes, your usage of the word “posited” in the sentence “I posited your query to ChatGPT” is correct. “Posited” is a verb that means to suggest, propose, or put forward an idea or question for consideration. In your sentence, you are stating that you presented or submitted the query to ChatGPT. It is a suitable and accurate use of the word in this context.


If I said, “I literally posited your query to ChatGPT.” Would that be a correct usage of the word “literally”?


In the sentence “I literally posited your query to ChatGPT,” the usage of the word “literally” may not be entirely accurate or necessary.

The word “literally” is typically used to indicate that something is being described exactly as it happened, without exaggeration or metaphor. However, in your sentence, the act of positing a query to ChatGPT is already a straightforward and literal action. Adding “literally” in this context may sound redundant or unnecessary because there is no figurative or exaggerated interpretation of positing a query.

It’s worth noting that the use of “literally” has become more common as an intensifier in informal speech, even when not used strictly in its traditional sense, so if you want to literally talk like a fool, go ahead and use it.

It’s Midjourney, not ChatGPT, but…

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Tell me more about midjourney. This is the first I’ve heard about it

Midjourney is an AI graphics bot, with inputs given in a chat style through Discord.

I should have posted it to the DALL-E thread, but I had forgotten that it exists.


I went to the ChatGPT website on my phone today and it notified me that they have an app now.

Here is the iOS version: ‎ChatGPT on the App Store

Why hasn’t AI figured out how to drive yet?


We should try letting it loose on a test course with other AIs and see what happens.

Because actually -doing- things is hard.

and if you noticed – the chatbot also fails a lot. But for some reason, people are still very impressed with it. Because it is grammatical.

I have noticed this and it has tainted my admiration for it at least a little bit.


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It have has helped myself me with that quite a bit.