CF/RF Exam 9 Joint Online Seminar

We are happy to announce that the CF/RF Joint Online Seminar is coming to Exam 9 for the Spring 2021 sitting! The joint seminar will include the following:

  • CF Study Guide
  • CF Review Videos & Problem Videos
  • CF Flashcards (similar to the CF original essay problems for Exam 7)
  • Past CAS Problems & Solutions (Excel-based)
  • RF Cookbook (PDF and Excel-based)
  • RF Practice Problem Bank (PDF and Excel-based)
  • RF High-Level Summaries
  • Two RF Practice Exams (PDF and Excel-based)

We are planning to release the joint online seminar in mid-January. Two of the CF components (flashcards & problem videos) will not be complete at that time. They will be released in stages through the second half of January and February.

Details (including samples) will be posted to and by the end of this week.

-Michael & Steve

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The CF/RF Exam 9 Joint Online Seminar for the Spring 2021 sitting has officially launched! Please visit or for details!

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I bought this study seminar and so far I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the material, layout of the site. You even have Anki flashcards which is honestly amazing. I’ll be listening to the audio study notes when I’m at work.

In my opinion and experience in the past the quality is much higher than TIA, so the higher price point is definitely justified. Great resource, thanks guys.

I’ve pinned this. Note that study note providers are encouraged to post stuff like company name, what they offer, and direct links to purchase. Make it easy for folks to access your stuff here.

Is there a way to purchase just the CF materials for Exam 9? Videos and all? I’m not seeing how to do so on the website.

Hi Grizz,

Great question. The CF materials are not currently offered as stand-alone products for Exam 9. The main reason for this is that the CF materials were designed to be used with the RF materials. For example, the CF study guide does not include any original practice problems. Instead, the RF practice problem bank is meant to fill this gap. It’s possible that the CF materials will be offered on a stand-alone basis in the future, but that won’t be the case for this sitting.


Makes sense, thanks for the response.

I already purchased RF in 2020, so assuming I need to retake in 2021, I would get RF 2021 free already. I was considering purchasing the CF materials as a supplement to the RF I already will have. That’s the reason for the question.

Ahh, gotcha. We can do upgrades to the full seminar. So, if you already have the RF material, we can upgrade you to the joint seminar at the difference in cost. Shoot me and Steve an email for more details if you’re interested.

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I noticed on the website it states flashcards will be available by the of February. Would it possible to release flashcards that are already complete? and the remaining ones can be released at a later date?

Yes, that’s the plan. I will probably start posting flashcards in PDF form next week. The Anki deck will not be posted until the very end.

Any updates? I would really like to start using the anki deck, even if its not the complete deck. Can you release what you already have available in anki? Users can always add to their deck as you release more. Thanks.

I went ahead and uploaded a BKM only Anki deck. The remaining flashcards should be uploaded by the end of the month. Please let me know if you have any issues with the deck!

Awesome, thank you.

How many flashcards does your package have

Great question! Just over 400 cards.

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The Spring 2022 CF/RF Exam 9 Joint Online Seminar is now available! Please visit and for more details!

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