CE credit for the free today and tomorrow CAS meeting videos

Today begins the CAS annual meeting in Los Angeles.

Available for to stream today are
|8:00 - 9:00 a.m. |Welcome, Celebration of New Members|
|10:00 - 10:45 a.m. |Business Session, including the Award Presentations and Presidential Address|
|10:45 - 11:45 a.m. |Featured Speaker: The AI Cheat Code: How ChatGPT (and AI Tools) Will (and Won’t) Forever Alter Human Work|

And tomorrow is
11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Town Hall with CAS Leaders: The Actuary of the Future

I’m rusty on the specifics, and while i don’t think opening remarks count towards anything, would any of the other 3 categories count towards the CE requirements? I’m rusty on the different categories and hour requirements.

I’m not CAS, but just my understanding of the USQS in general: the session will count as continuing education if in your reasonable, good-faith determination it (1) broadens or deepens an actuary’s understanding of one or more aspects of the work an actuary does; (2) exposes an actuary to new and evolving techniques for addressing actuarial issues; (3) expands an actuary’s knowledge of practice in related disciplines that bear directly on an actuary’s work; or (4) facilitates an actuary’s entry into a new area of actuarial practice.

Note that if it is “content that assists in developing client relationship management skills, presentation skills, communication skills, project management, and personnel management,” those are business skills topics and only up to 3 hours per year can be counted. The categories that are good to have are “Bias topics include content that provides knowledge and perspective that assist in identifying and assessing biases that may exist in data, assumptions, algorithms, and models that impact Actuarial Services. Biases may include but are not limited to statistical, cognitive, and social biases” and “Professionalism topics include content that assists in understanding and applying the Code of Professional Conduct, actuarial standards of practice (ASOPs), and related actuarial professionalism guidance. Professionalism continuing education includes studying, reviewing, or providing input on an exposure draft of an ASOP; studying or reviewing the Code of Professional Conduct; attending an actuarial professionalism webinar; and serving on the Actuarial Standards Board or a professionalism committee.”

And it won’t count as “Organized” unless you personally have the ability to interact with actuaries or other professionals working for different organizations.

TLDR if it’s relevant to your understanding of actuarial work you should be able to count it for something.

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I never count the Opening Remarks, the Business Session, or Town Halls towards CE. The Featured Speaker session is a case by case call — that one seems like it could at least count toward general business if you haven’t used the 3 hours left.

Where is this located? I might want to crash.

Missed out on a chunk of the “Actuary of the Future” broadcast, but the bit I’m finally getting to catch makes me think “wow, this sounds great … too bad what they’re doing to get people into the field and advance through the exam process doesn’t mesh with that at all.”

Yeah, the more I listen to this the more unimpressed I am.