Cash Offer for Totaled Car

Seeking advice on how much haggling room there is in these situations with the other driver’s insurance company. Was told they looked at Kelly Blue Book and adjusted for mileage, the offer is about $11k. The accident happened way back at the end of October and we have not had a rental since the driver was a minor. Not sure what is pertinent or not.

2010 Lexus ES350 with a tad under 80k miles


Does seem at least plausible for that model in good condition and that mileage range

I recommend doubling the amount, posting it in FB Marketplace, and holding firm with a hearty “I know what I got.” #badadvice

Look for a similar car in your area, or, heck anywhere. KBB is not current on what cars sell for in the market. They have a formula that works in regular times.

Haggling doesn’t work when there is no consequence to them. You can bring a lawsuit, hoping that they will consider the extra too much a nuisance to defend.

The offer seems fair, so it is up to you how much extra you want to try and get.

confused as to what the other drivers age has to do with you being entitled to a rental

Thinking that the insurer looks at this like $11k payout, but it could have been [hundreds?] more if they were providing a rental car since the accident. Wondering if I point out this savings to them if that would open up their check book some.

I figure on their end they’ve come up with a range of reasonable payouts, and didn’t start the offer at the high end of the range. Not looking to screw anyone, just get a fair offer at the higher end of what they are willing to pay.

I see nothing ethically wrong with going to the high end of the range and adding that there was no rental.

However, the insurance company has little reason to move, but you have nothing to lose by trying.

still confused as to why there wasn’t a rental

Our 16 year-old daughter isn’t driving the newer cars my wife and I have. They wouldn’t let her be the rental car driver.

I thought the other driver (whose insurance was paying) was the minor and the Insurance refused the rental on that basis.

You are saying since the car that was totaled was driven by your minor daughter, you did not seek a rental. - That makes sense to me

Correct, sorry for the confusion

$11k seems reasonable. The insurance company wants to close claims sooner than later. I also don’t think you have anything to lose by saying you’ll close the claim if you get $12k (and bringing up the rental if they balk). This assumes there aren’t any medical bills or open items you are also settling on.

No other items are pending such as bodily injury.

I did a nationwide search on autotrader for 2010 Lexus ES 350 with under 100k miles. Only one is selling for under 11k. Lots are pricier, but most of them have much lower mileage than 80k

The sales price listed at a dealership for used cars is higher than the final sales price. And the dealer’s final price is higher than what an individual would receive for selling the same car. Also, a car from a dealer may have a built in 12-month or whatever warranty.

Insurance company still has to pay for storage - the longer the negotiations go the more they have to pay, so definitely an incentive for them.