CAS Unveils New Strategic Plan (link)

I was hoping there would be specifics around the three year plan of exam changes.

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I love the new mission statement:
CAS members are sought after globally for their insights and ability to apply analytics to solve insurance and risk management problems.

This is more specific and actionable than the prior statement. It also focuses on members, and the value we add, rather than just on the organization. I have felt in the past that there was a disconnect between the board’s goal (make the CAS bigger and better!) and what was good for members, and this new mission statement ought to bring those together.

Great job, CAS. And thanks, Steve Armstrong, for your work in leading this process. I would like to apologize for my expression of doubt when you were elected. This has been a tough year for the CAS, and I feel like it has done a really good job both dealing with the pandemic and also moving forward in other ways. Of course, lots and lots of people share the responsibility for that, but you have to take some of the credit. So thanks, Steve Armstrong.


A lot of volunteers have dropped out this year for various reasons. Tough year for the CAS.

Maybe one of the items in the Strategic Vision should be avoiding things like this when announcing it: