CAS Spring meeting will be in-person?


May 23, 2021 - May 26, 2021

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Orlando, FL

As per the CAS website, there’s a physical location for the Spring meeting. Do they actually expect members to travel and attend in-person before widespread vaccination has been offered? why are the exams not back to written exams then?

Please let me know if I’m missing something.

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I believe that’s the hope, but it’ll be dependent on the situation I’m sure. At least in my state, widespread vaccinations are expected to start well in advance of the end of May.

Still waiting to see where the fall meeting will be. I figured that would have been announced long by now.

omg Disney World. I’m going.

Wait, is Disney even open?

The CAS had been planning to move exams online for years. They announced a gradual plan to do so before the pandemic. The pandemic prompted them to accelerate those plans, but it’s not the reason the exams are now electronic.

Unless there’s some disaster that i haven’t yet heard of (and I work for a large company with lots of students) I expect the exams to remain computer-based for the foreseeable future.

The CAS sent out a survey a while ago asking if members would attend an in person meeting. I don’t know what the results were, but my reply was, “no”.

That being said, i bet this location was booked and advertised before the pandemic.

Disney reopened in June. I mean, the science has shown that the risk of spread at outdoor events is fairly low. I believe a lot of the sit down restauarants are still closed/take out, but some of them that could get updated HVAC and 6 ft distancing might be open.

The recent NY contact tracing study showed even restaurant/bars aren’t that big of a spreader with the proper HVAC and distancing. I think it was under 1.5% of traced cases were related to bar/restaurants.

Once I get vaccinated, I would 100% go to an in-person meeting and will actively avoid any multi-day meeting that is virtual — the CLRS and Effective Opinion Seminar were both far less interesting and effective than they normally are for me.

With a balance of how many will actually attend and having enough space to appropriately social distance . . . why not have the in-person option available (at least initially)?


Yes!!! some of us are careful and want to go to Disney to party!!! Wait, I mean for the CAS meeting >_>

I believe you’re wanting this emoticon:


Does anyone know when Spring Meeting registration typically opens up? It still looks like they are planning for an in-person meeting, or at least haven’t updated the CAS website otherwise.


What forethought!

I was going to go to D.C. for November and make it a mini-vacation with Mrs. Hoffman. Nope, coronavirus screwed that. Florida doesn’t do anything for us (well, I could do it but she hates Florida and heat and humidity, and I’ve scheduled a couple things in front of the 23rd and those are more important), so now I’m waiting to see where November is held to know if I’m going there or (again) holding off for a more desirable place.

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