CAS Exams Changes

The CAS released its plan for Exams 7-9.
The tldr is that they are renaming Exam 7 Advanced Estimation of Claims Liabilities and Exam 9 is becoming Exam 9 –Advanced Risk Management. They are narrowing the focus of each exam by moving Enterprise Risk from 7 → 9, Cat and Reinsurance Pricing from 8 → 9 and removing Asset Liability Management and Portfolio Theory from 9.

What are people’s thoughts?

Seems like a broadly good change. I’ve always thought the brehm and goldfarb stuff made the most sense on 9 anyway.

Hopefully they take the opportunity with the new focused exam 7 to actually teach more practical papers that an actual person might actually benefit from knowing, and not just double down on shit like ODP bootstrap.

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So if I pass 7 in May, and 8 in the fall, I get to retake the material next Spring on 9. Awesome I guess? It’ll just be review…in theory…

It means if someone took exam 6 pre 2011(?) and passed exam 8 recently but not 9 they would be answering questions on reinsurance on 3 different exams :slight_smile:
Seriously though, it seems to make more sense they way they are regrouping the topics now.
Interesting that with the removal of BKM from part 9 we have seen since the 1990s the rise and fall of financial mathematics in the upper CAS exams.