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Did everyone else get a pair of emails from Bob Daino, FCAS 1978? I kind of agreed with his first email, where he points out

The CAS Board is proposing a fundamental transfer of power from the members to the executive staff. The proposal is to move our organization from a member-driven to a staff-directed one .

And, while it’s possible the CAS has gotten so large that this is inevitable, it is something that makes me very sad.

Then I read his second email, and thought, “holy shit, I don’t want to be associated with this guy!!!”


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Are you CAS? I thought he spammed the whole directory. In his second email he comes out against the “woke agenda” of the CAS.

Second email

Dear CAS Members:

We have had an outpouring on thanks for alerting you to what CAS leadership has been up to.

We have the entire month of August to vote. No need to rush!

We’ve been asked who we recommend for the Board, etc. We are spending the next few weeks trying to discern the best candidates to resist the woke radical policies we see infiltrating the CAS. We will post our thoughts on the website.

Thank you for shared love for the CAS as it should be - a professional society promoting casualty actuaries, not radical ideologies.

Remember: This is your professional society. You have the power to direct what is done here.


Bob Daino, FCAS 1978

Here’s the

first one

Dear CAS [member name] :

A number of senior CAS fellows believe there is no need to rush into a major change in the Constitution and transfer of power to the new CEO.

ASOPs go through many months of interactive deliberation before being finalized. Have you had time to digest the changes being proposed? Offer alternative thoughts? See the feedback of others? No! Why would we change our Constitution on so little interaction?

Grover Edie, Editor in Chief of the Actuarial Review , said this in his latest “Editor’s Note” column:

"The CAS Board is proposing a fundamental transfer of power from the members to the executive staff. The proposal is to move our organization from a member-driven to a staff-directed one . I strongly encourage you to study the proposed changes and think about the direction of the CAS. Be certain to vote, or a minority of the voters will be making a decision that could impact our Society forever." (emphasis added )

We should all insist on a much more deliberative, interactive ASOP-like process before making sweeping changes to our Society.

You can read much more about this and more at [at this link.]
This is your professional society. You have the power to direct what is done here.


Bob Daino, FCAS 1978


Sadly, no. I’m a lowly SOA ASA.

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Not my fight as I have no connection to the profession except as a poster here and a consumer. After a very quick perusal of his website I found the following

"5. The Senior Leaders also state, “The CAS is working on additional data collection for dimensions of diversity such as disability, sexual orientation, veteran’s status and others. As we gain more information, we will use that to inform new goals and activities designed to attract, train and retain a diverse set of future actuaries.”

This is utter nonsense. These are Marxist tactics – playing groups against other groups, blaming one group for the ills of another, etc. So divisive, so biased and so foolish."

I’ve added the bold. Either the person stating the bold is racist trash or has a fundamentally flawed intellect or both. Whatever. I as a consumer do not want to do business with anyone that pathetic in their bias. Thank you for calling this to my attention I will investigate his associations on my own.


Other choice bits (which I can’t quote, because I’m on my work laptop, and it can’t access the site) include that the CAS is “promoting transgenderism” because the author of some article they published included pronouns in her by-line.

He seems like a piece of work.

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Whoa!!! I’m not a CAS member (FSA, MAAA), so perhaps missing some context, but ‘piece of work’ seems an apt/kind description! If I got a message like that from SOA leadership, it would prompt a swift response from me.

He’s not “leadership”. As best as I can tell he’s a random member who obtained the membership email list and has … an agenda.

Also, if he got his fellowship in 1978 my best guess is he’s retired.

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Ahhh. I’ll revise my position then — if I got a message like that from a random SOA member, I would laugh, and I might direct further emails from them to my spam folder.

I honestly thought the first email sounded interesting. Then had the same reaction as posters above to the second email. Wonder what the third email will look like. Looking forward to hearing about the moon landing being faked by the CAS.

Maybe he thinks covid is an SoA plot to undermine the CAS.


I said somewhere else here that the first email had me thinking I agreed with him.

Then I read the blog posts and second email and now I might vote for the change to know it upsets him.


I was fortunate enough to visit his website before deciding whether I agreed or disagreed with his first email. His website is quite something.

Did anyone attend the CAS Leadership Webinar on the bylaw changes? It did seem like a reasoably large change but, having volunteered a lot myself, I think transferring more responsbility to staff is probably a good thing.

All I will say: look at how well it’s worked out on the SOA side.

It may make y’all more hardy to resist being taken over by the SOA… or maybe you end up with a staff-driven society that has membership growth and taking over the world as its primary goals.

In any case, I would ignore that somebody who has opinions you disapprove of might have an opinion concerning one matter of which you approve. That happens with most things in life. I would focus on whether this change should be made, and not what this one person writes.


That’s why I’m sad the CAS is moving in this direction.


If you check out his CV, he lists himself as still working, his own consulting shop, it appears.

Hmmm I didn’t get an email from him. Probably in the spam folder, where it belongs.

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Okay I just checked Junk Mail and there they are!

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