CAS Badges

So I got a CAS email about getting a CAS badge (unrelated to GoA badges)…but what IS it? I don’t actually understand at all what is being provided based on the email or the info when following the link…

It literally says a new thing exists. Sign up for one if you want it. But we won’t tell you what it’s for.

Is it digital? Or like a lapel pin? I’m very confused.

Digital. I think so you can put it in your linked profile or some shit. Lots of drama in the digital diploma thread.

Yeah I went to that thread first initially and didn’t want to interject it there. That’s what I thought given it’s free, but it’s really unclear marketing.

can also just print screen and photoshop

I assume they’re only relevant for the cool kids who do social media?

This just streamlines the bragging posts that you see on linkedin every time someone passes exam P. :upside_down_face:

Shoulda made them NFTs