Carlee Russell Kidnapping

Not sure who all is following this but she admitted she was not kidnapped today. Nice write up below. My question is, what was she doing while she was gone?

This is my town, and I live very close to where it happened. Don’t know her or her family personally, but I am no further than 3 degrees of separation from her.

Someone claims to have noticed her nails got done in the 49 hr period. Not sure that is confirmed by police.

I feel bad for her knowing she was troubled/deluded/dumb (your choice) enough to think this would not come to light. Just happy she is home safe, and hope she and her family get any help they need. Early on in the news cycle I figured this was the best possible outcome (being a hoax and home quickly).

There was a young woman who was kidnapped in the Montgomery area, and was found murdered after while. Her family started a fund to help in kidnapping situations (and pushed for law changes). They helped search for Carlee. The mother of the murdered daughter said not my place to judge as the hoax started to be revealed. Article I have a lot of respect for her for that.

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Looks like someone was fishing for attention . . . and wanted to look good when the tv cameras were on her.

Its wild, right? So isnt such a person likely f-ing someone they shouldnt be on such a staged absence?

Seems to me to be an attention thing moreso than an “escape my life” thing.

One thing that I was thinking is that somehow someone ended up with nudes of her and they were going to put them on the internet so she came up with this kidnapping ruse to explain why she was photographed nude and it ended up on the internet. The nude photos by the kidnappers seemed to be the big thing she highlighted in her testimony to police about what happened.

ahh. that could be plausible. yuck all around.

Police chief expresses frustration that the only charges they can bring are 2 misdemeanors

Late stage capitalism item monetize everything converting trauma response into attention. Next stage cash in the attention.