Canadian Loner

Yea or Nay?

Trying to soothe my mind and am getting back into binging computer euchre. I like playing by Canadian rules, but no one around me (Midwest) knows them.

I didn’t know there was a variant. Will educate myself and report back.


Does that about sum it up?

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i’ve never played that version but it seems that dealer’s partner would need more conviction to tell partner to pick up.

is there a variation where if there is a jack, the dealer could pick up and declare either color the trump? so if jack of spades was up, dealer could pick up and declare either spades or clubs? if that exists, what is the name?

i play a lot of euchre on the phone (against the computer).

I’ve never played with anyone who wanted that to be the rule, but, I’m not opposed to it.

I also like to play with a Benny.

That’s probably the only difference technically. I grew up with a very strict set of “right” rules without flexibility - going under not allowed, Ace no face ok, stick the dealer, etc, many of which are only house rules.

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I love euchre, always included stick the dealer in the rules.

Where are you playing? I have used a few apps to try and get back into it, but they never brought back the feel of playing endlessly on yahoo games back in the day. I’ve done zero research on this but it seems Yahoo killed this nearly a decade ago…i think the chatting with the group was nice to have.

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Yahoo games was great. I would play pyramids for hours.

I haven’t found a great online game. I have an app called “Euchre” on my phone now, and mostly play against the computer. No sense of any community when I play against real people on it. But I’m mostly playing against the computer, as what I love about euchre was playing with my friends anyway, not randoms.

I think that you could have a friends list on yahoo games and could play along with a partner if you wanted…even the chatty person that was a good partner that you could find the next day made it better than just the randoms and bots experience that the app games provide now.

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Yeah…I just wish I had people to play with anymore. My husband hates the game and we don’t have friends to play with anyway. Maybe I’ll teach my kids, although I suspect they’d find it boring.

My ex and his friends, and my in-laws, played constantly. Not worth staying with him over, but I do really miss it.


In a Pitch/Setback variation, that card is called the Jick and it ranks between the Jack and Ten of trump; I think we call the variation Jick/Jack (or 19 since that’s the most points when included).

Sounds like you should make up your own name for it. “Left me for my brother” or something fun (Cuz it would be the left, and a Jack…)

I miss playing euchre. In a prior town, the lady next door would always gift me a ticket to one of the fund raisers that was a giant euchre tournament.

And I’m in the same boat as you. Mrs. H hates euchre. Years ago, she would play spades on the condition that she could (almost) always goes nil because she hated betting tricks. But I can’t find anyone around who’ll play either, and she’s in the I just don’t want to do it mindset now.

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Where I grew up, Euchre was pretty popular, for both kids and adults.
Never a fan of “stick the dealer.” Passing the deal is punishment enough. And that Canadian variant sounds like total crap, eh?

NA, you should be able to find Euchre players where you are. Google is your friend. Maybe you’ll meet some, too. Downside is they might be obsessed with it.

My family and I would play at Christmas, but two of the players are out.

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I love euchre, haven’t played it since my college days in Michigan. I think it’s a very regional game probably not many people know about it

WI/OH/PA/KY, maybe a bit of IN.
I’ll meet people here who are from those states, and ask them if they play Euchre, and if so, find a deck of cards and start playing.

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I play on the Euchre 3D app, but it’s probably too annoying with ads and I wouldn’t pay to remove them (I had upgraded forever ago for free or maybe like $1, I think it’s substantially more expensive now).

You can play Canadian Loner but only against the computer. The rated section uses Stick the Dealer. At one point I was in the top 3 with a 2888 rating, but since have dropped down to the 2400s. I spent a TON of time on that game, lol.


i used to try to play some on yahoo. some people were dicks about their ranking and would shit talk you if you were their partner and you tried to see if something would work out and it didn’t.

app i use i leave on the option to go under (which i didn’t learn live) and stick the dealer.


I thought Loner was an American


Canadian Loner is the (un)ambiguously gay often-referenced-but-never-actually-seen boyfriend of many lonely single american gals.