Can you tell the difference between red wines?

Like red vs. white, that’s easy. But I can’t really tell the difference between pinot noir/malbec/cabernet/syraz/etc. Can you?

Generally yes. Its not 100% because some wines seem to blend characteristics of the varieties.

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I find whites much easier to distinguish. Reds such as pinot noir, tempranillo and nebbiolo are much more distinct. Perhaps even zinfandel. Cabernet, syrah and merlot are more difficult, especially if they are using similar winemaking methods. There are some examples of each that are quintessential, but they tend to be more expensive. When it comes to the cheap industrial swill that you usually find at supermarkets, it can be harder. Insipid Cabernet tastes a lot like insipid merlot.

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For red, I know I like lighter reds, so know where to aim for for a bottle I’ll probably like (basically, Italy).

Same for white, I know I like it dry. So that’s enough to make a decision.

In both cases, I couldn’t identify the grape - I find there’s a lot of variation within varities anyway, so I’m not entirely sure what I would gain by acquiring this skill…

Pretty much, yes. Not like I can tell Saint-Emilion vs. Haut-Medoc, etc., but I can tell an Amarone vs. Chianti Classico vs. Bordeaux vs. Burgundy vs. California Merlot, etc.

I prefer Pinot Noir (joined a club to get four very nice ones ($40 each) each quarter).
I can generally tell that red wines taste different, but since I don’t generally like other reds (though blends can be quite good), I drink them enough to tell them apart.
I have a friend and a brother-in-law each with a full, 6-feet-tall wine refrigerator. They’re not too much into Pinots, so I get to taste lots of other reds frequently for free (or for the price of one of my Pinots).

I can’t tell a “fancy” red from something more reasonably priced. One time I ordered 3 oz. of Opus One in a restaurant and didn’t think it was anything special - certainly not the $25 they charged for it.

I can tell that different red wines taste differently. I seriously doubt I could pick out the “correct type” of red wine in a blind taste test.

Can you tell the difference between indica and sativa?

The answer is no, you can’t. Because there’s no such thing as indica or sativa, at least not anymore. All the strains are hybrid descendants and it’s just a marketing scheme.

I have not tasted Opus One, but it had better blow me (away) at that price.

I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.