Can we stop blaming Facebook or something?

I keep seeing all these news headlines blaming Facebook for pretty much every problem we have in America right now. What I don’t get is if you don’t want to read garbage or feel terrible about yourself after looking at your news feed, how about you just like I don’t know, not log in or something?

Have you ever tried simply turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?

(I sure hope someone N’s the R; otherwise I just seem abusive.)

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I don’t have a TV

I mean I could buy one, but like, I didn’t

how would me not reading facebook change how the idiots who do read facebook ruin the world?


How does reading it help?

don’t blame me, i just post fart jokes and pictures of ducks

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if you’re still using fb you’re old.

Kids these days don’t even have fb accounts.

helps pass the time until death.


my kids are on discord (so am I, but not the same servers)

I pulled the plug on FB before ever knowing this article existed. Nothing in it surprises me.

TBH, I think Facebook is a massive fraud that once uncovered will crash Enron-style and perhaps the only surprising thing is that no one has blown the whistle internally or dug into the company’s records externally. But, that’s a topic for another thread.

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you might as well go on about it here imo

My kids and I overlap on some servers.

mine just aren’t into sumo.

Short answer, addiction.

Facebook:cigarettes as other social media platforms:vaping

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FWIW, the WSJ did a series of articles digging into the issues with Facebook: The Facebook Files - WSJ (probably paywalled).

Facebook annoys me. I have an account there that I mostly keep deactivated, but communications for my reunions for my high school class and the local planespotting group moved there…so I reactivate it every so often for about 5 minutes or so.

I’ve never had an account. It seemed suspicious to me from the start.
All the people I’d want to keep connected with is overruled by the people I want no connection with.
And nothing is ever free.

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There are only two business models that call their customers “users”. Software and drug dealers.

Facebook “users” aren’t the customers; they’re the product.


Go watch “The Social Dilemma” and come back to this thread.