Can we have swag?

Can we?

such as?

If you do some volunteering and other stuff with the SOA, you can get some cool SOA swag!!! :+1:

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hats, mugs, t-shirts

ah, you just want free stuff?

From the GoA? You remember the cost to run the site thread we had a week ago :grinning:?

Yeah, GoA with its exorbitant dues and exam fees take in slightly less revenue than the SOA.

(Not really fair to compare them. Your employers are paying for that swag.)

but it pays for itself merch

Good point. Question is, can we afford NOT to give away free stuff?

I never asked for free stuff, I meant to just set up a store to sell the swag.

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That makes more sense

don’t ever put words in CS’s mouth!!

can’t wait to get my GoActuary mug

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Oh, I thought “free” was implied by the term “swag”.

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please no.

maybe fidget spinner.

maybe something actuarial specific.



or a crop top tank for pride

his title sort of implied free by “have”

i like mugs. not sure i can fit another one in my cabinets though. maybe if i throw out the one with the broken handle.


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money or goods taken by a thief or burglar.

“their homes offer tempting swag for burglars”

yes, apparently that implies it more.