Call for volunteers, opensource actuarial educational material

I’ve been investigating how GoActuary contribute to actuarial education and exams, specifically providing additional resources to students. As part of that research, I reached out to the open actuarial texts initiative to see how we could contribute.

They already have a free Loss Analytics textbook available for STAM. I’ve had a look through it, and it’s an outstanding resource. They are also looking towards doing a life con text for LTAM.

When I asked how we could help, they asked that I reach out and find volunteers for their current project. In addition to texts, they are working on free and open courses - and are seeking volunteers for that project, starting with Loss Analytics. Here’s the link to the proposal and here’s the content of their release requesting volunteers:

If you can help, please reach out to them! I’d love to see them become the standard for educational resources.

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