CA regulatiorn 2644.9 Wildfires

So, without getting to big of an industry impact this regulation has(assuming it survives any legal challenges as is), one of the sticking points for the new CA regulation is when the regulations were formally filed with the Secretary of State. I can’t actually find when that went live, does anyone know? It’s an important date as industry responses are due within 180 days as of the filing date.

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It was approved 10/17/22, and I have an effective date of 4/15/23… per work compliance person

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Can’t let this pass without some quip about CA… so they’re already overloaded with the current workload and now the commissioner forces through a regulation to demand all insurers file within 180 days… don’t foresee any problems here


I mean, they have been overloaded for as long as I’ve been doing rate filings, so…

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I have a double-digit rate increase that has been with the CA insurance department since November 2021. I think we’re getting close to the end, but don’t see the tunnel light yet.

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Love it when the departments give themselves an extension…

cough WA