CA filing Variance request#?

While this situation was not the preferred outcome, a variance request is necessary for a CA rate filing. As part of the filing, there’s a portion in the prior approval template where there’s a yes/no for a a variance filing, and if there’s a yes, you should enter the variance #.

Anyone know how the variance # is assigned? Those in my org have never done a variance request, so this one’s on me to figure it out, and thus far it is not clear from the formal filing instructions?

Till All are One,


In the Application template, sheet 11 has a drop down list that is helpful.

I agree with jooni. You can also look up CA regulation 2644.27 if you want to see if it says anything additional to what it shows on that page.

I want to wish you the best of luck and godspeed. CA is a complete nightmare to get anything done. Just when you start thinking you have their DOI figured out and their spreadsheets, they go and muck them all up and you have to start all over again.