Buying a fridge

We’re looking to buy a standard 20-21 cu ft fridge soon, a traditional freezer top model. The one that came with our house is nearing 25 years old.
We like the rack in the freezer. Is there a name for this? Is it an easily purchased accessory. I could possibly gut it and stick it in the freezer (along with the ice cube tray cubbyhole which is screwed in) but I thought I would briefly crowdsource the idea.

Ain’t nobody got time to compare fridges and be knowledgeable. Head to home depot and see what they have on the floor.

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counter depth or not? how wide is the opening?

i never want the ice maker or water bc that’s one thing that seems to break before the rest of the fridge and then you have a leak to manage.

i suspect the shelf if easily found in the market.

You should actually go to a local appliance store since they are often cheaper than the big box stores (at least in my experience)

Why freezer on top? I love our freezer drawer (with multiple sub drawers) and double-door fridge opening.

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I second this, I got our washer and dryer at a local shop and the guy who helped me seemed to know every spec on every model. And they do repair work so he had thoughts on durability. YMMV, maybe I got lucky.

We have something like this that has a freezer drawer on bottom, a “wine” drawer, and french doors on top.

I bought a Samsung several years back and it was a lemon. Had multiple repairs made within the first few years, and multiple other issues with it. Replaced it at around year 7 I think after it stopped cooling properly (while displaying a perfect internal temp on the door). Every other fridge I’ve purchased has lasted a long time.

I googled the particular model and it was the subject of class action lawsuits. It was a lovely model with nice features on the showroom floor.

A quick internet check shows they tend to be equal or higher for the type of fridge I’m considering.

Here in the land of the free, best prices are at home depot/Lowe’s. Probably volume discounts. Plus sales and stacking discounts.

When we redid out kitchen we saved a ton by buying at home depot. Some sales, then get so much off the dishwasher if you buy a couple other appliances, then another 10 percent if you applied for a credit card. The credit card was a pita, it was an hour or two in the store waiting for approval, but worth it since we bought a decently high end oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove.

We bought a great fridge at Best Buy, reasonable price, and we liked the deferred payments on their credit card.

Back when I owned a McMansion the Thermador fridge was about $10 grand and the only benefit the sales guy could tell me was that you didn’t need to use cling wrap on things in the fridge. Then when I asked if any of the fridges had the water thingy on the door he laughed at me and said “What you mean like those fridges they sell at The Brick?”. The fact that my boyfriend laughed with him was probably the nail in the coffin for that relationship.

I was shocked to see a $12,000 fridge at Best buy and it didn’t even have a built in voice assistant and I told my wife for that price the fridge should probably be able to make love to me

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The only thing preventing it is a lack of willpower.

Anyway I concur with why freezer on top? More easily reach things you use less often and keep the veggie/fruit crisper drawers real low?

Either way recommend avoiding LG for fridges. Best I can say about mine was it broke while under warranty. Research online shows LG fridges (specifically fridges) are unreliable.

Call them or visit them. The people who I bought a fridge from last game me a price that was a few hundred dollars less than their own website.
If you know the home depot price before hand then you can know if they are overpriced and then take it from there.

Or at least make you a sandwich.

Hell, I’d pay $50 more or whatever at the local shop if they are reputable vs buying from Lowe’s or THD.

We have a water dispenser inside the refrigerator. it’s a little button and spout. Doesn’t really take up any room at all. Ice maker in the freezer comes in handy for a family of 5 with 3 kinds and a wife who need ice in every drink they take.

We’ve been looking at appliances. Costco includes free delivery and haul away of the old one.

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We don’t use much ice. I removed the ice cube maker, and gained enough space for two loaves of sandwich bread.

I think you should see what’s available. Maybe supply chains have improved, but the last few appliances i bought, availability was limited.