Button up or button down?

When putting on a “dress” shirt that has buttons, do you start with the button at the bottom and button up or do you start at the top and button down?

Apparently I start at the top and button down. When I am wearing a tie, I almost always button the top most button first but occasionally will start with the second button and end with the top most button.

If the shirt is already partially buttoned then I button from the bottom to the top so I don’t miss any. If it is all the way unbuttoned then I usually start with the second button and go down

I batten down the hatches and button down my shirt, starting at the second from top button.

The very top button would be last only if a tie is to be worn.

The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt, look at it: it’s too high! It’s in no-man’s-land, you look like you live with your mother.


Do you frequently put on shirts partially buttoned? I always start with it completely unbuttoned.


lol, RN

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I start at the bottom and go up.

I start at uhhh, the middle, and then go down, and then I do the top button right before I put the tie on…

Whichever way my wife feels like doing it that day.

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usually top-down. starting with second button. if I am wearing a tie, same thing, but I fasten the top one when I put on the tie.

I most often wear “wrinkle free” versions of dress shirts and put them on partially buttoned. They hang buttoned and I unbutton the first 4 or so and put on that way and then button from bottom up

my wife does it one way and my gf does it the other way. Go figure

Always button down. Not sure what the point of buttoning upward is, i.e., such that it is better than buttoning downward.

I never button or unbutton them. I just unbutton the top 2 buttons and then pull it on and off like a tee shirt or sweater.


Button down for what?

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Wore them five days a week for over a decade, yet now no longer remember.

I think it is possible I sometimes did bottom up and sometimes top down.

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Fire up that suit
another pocket square

Ok the order I do my shirt is that I sometimes button the 2nd button from the top when I wear a button down. Work is 1 button unbuttoned, everywhere else is 2.

I have been almost exclusively tee shirts for the last several months. It’s great. I found this website Clothing Shop Online that sells tee shirt blanks and I have a nice collection of heavy weight plain tee shirts. Tons of color.

I like shirts with buttons. I’m wearing one now. I bought a bunch of Hawaiian shirts (with buttons) in Hawaii, and it’s just getting from long sleeve to Hawaiian shirt season.

I start at the top, and button down.