Burpee thread

I pudged up over the holidays, and now it’s cold outside, so, I’m gonna try to do burpees on days I’m not doing anything else. I don’t love them, but, they work for me, so, here we go.

Today, 50 burpees (10, 20, 20)

I’ve done the x day challenges before, but I’m not quite committed enough to try to start that now, am hoping for one or two hundred a week for a couple months.


Thanks, fixed

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I started doing them intermittently a couple of weeks ago. Did a set of 15 today. Also not doing the challenge thing, but felt like I needed to do something to keep an all-around baseline. Started running again too. Might be doing the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco in May.

60 (10, 20, 30)

Coach had us doing burpees, man-makers, and Turkish get-ups all in the same workout.

I hate-love my coach.

Can’t recall why there’s a 16 day gap, but, anyways

70 (10, 20 x 3)