Bump capacity

Have you ever driven past 10 miles of jersey bumps and wondered how they got there?

I know there’s a massive zipper machine that can drag them from one lane to another but how many vehicles/man hours are required to put them there in the first place?

Wth is a “jersey bump”?


I thought this was going to be about how many threads you can keep bumped in a day.

I never heard bumps, I assume this is what I would call a Jersey Barrier

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So the wall thing not the speed bump thing?

When I googled I got pictures of Snooki and her hairdo. :open_mouth:

Why spend a million on a zipper machine when crossfit bros are willing to pay for the experience?

the zipper machine is cool. a friend once worked in state govt and said their budget team had to drive to some neighboring state to understand how it worked. (no cool internet videos then)

agree the cross fit bros would do it, but when they wanted to set a new record and started moving the same line back right away it would cause chaos.

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Wait but how did the first row of concrete things that it’s picking up get there??

Okay that was the OP question I can’t read.

They arrive on a flatbed truck and are set in place by a forklift or mini-crane type machine. I would suspect they can be placed at the rate of 1/4 to 1/2 mile per hour. Maybe less if it is a union crew, maybe more if it is a private crew.

them’s fightin’ words