Bronny James suffers Cardiac Arrest during practice, in stable condition

Thing most surprising is this is the 2nd summer in a row that USC has had a freshman basketball player have cardiac arrest. That player returned to play in January.

Hoping for the best for James.

awful news for any young athlete. hoping he can make a full recovery

So I went digging down the rabbit hole earlier when I saw the news earlier trying to find prevalence rates. I came across this article Aetiology and incidence of sudden cardiac arrest and death in young competitive athletes in the USA: a 4-year prospective study - PubMed ( which looked at sudden cardiac arrest events in athletes and was surprised at how much higher risk basketball and specifically African Americans playing Basketball were compared to other sports / ethnicities. Time period for this is 2014-2018. A fairly low N, hence the large error bars.


Here’s a second observational study on sudden cardiac deaths over a decade that shows the same higher risk for basketball / african americans as well. Incidence, Cause, and Comparative Frequency of Sudden Cardiac Death in NCAA Athlets: A Decade in Review

There were 4 242 519 athlete-years (AY) and 514 total student athlete deaths
Males were at higher risk than females 1:37 790 AY versus 1:121 593 AY
black athletes were at higher risk than white athletes 1:21491 AY versus 1:68 354 AY
The incidence of SCD in Division 1 male basketball athletes was 1:5200 AY
The rate of SCD in National Collegiate Athletic Association athletes is high, with males, black athletes, and basketball players at substantially higher risk. Media reports identified more deaths in higher divisions (87%, 61%, and 44%), whereas the percentages from the internal database did not vary (87%, 83%, and 89%).

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Bronny had his college debut yesterday. I didn’t watch but my SIL said he had a couple highlights but USC was ultimately upset. An article I read said they have too many people who need the ball and haven’t worked out how to get them the ball enough.