Bridge: Up for a challenge?

Understood. We all miss them sometimes. When you miss I try to report the results if I was included.

I win the declare-only with 60.16%, by 10.16%. Reissued, procrastinator out. I beat procrastinator by 25. Reissued.

WTF? I know I reissued the declare-only, but it’s not there now. It couldn’t have timed out. I just reissued it again. You should expect it to expire 9/17 5:35:27 PM (eastern time).

In other matches, I lose to NN by 29 (should have been only 17, still a big loss. But in a 4-card ending against NN, a bot defended made a play that as far as I can see could never gain on any layout of the unseen cards and could, as here, cost.) I win by 52 vs AA. AA wins the regular challenge with +30.00, by 26.75.

To keep my matches spaced out, I reissued the challenge to NN and plan to reissue the other 2 tomorrow evening.

Looks like I missed the challenge against NN. I win the declare-only with 57.29%, by 5.21%. and beat procrastinator by 2. Vs NN and declare-only reissued tonite, with oirg out.

Beat AA by 28. challenges against AA and procrastinator reissued