Bridge connecting Crimea to Russia had been destroyed

Explosion Shuts Crucial Bridge Between Crimea and Russia

A major explosion severely damaged the bridge connecting Russia’s mainland to the occupied Crimean Peninsula, disrupting traffic on a crucial artery for the supply of fuel, military equipment and food to Russian troops fighting to hold ground in southern Ukraine.

The bridge, opened by President Vladimir Putin to great fanfare in 2018, symbolized the might of the Russian state and the permanence of Russia’s annexation of the peninsula four years earlier. Russia even released a feature movie about its construction.

Russia’s investigations committee said three people died after the early-morning explosion on Saturday of a truck on the bridge’s roadway next to a supply train that was carrying fuel. Some demolition experts who analyzed footage of the blast questioned the Russian version and said that the explosion must have come from under the bridge, caused either by an explosives-laden boat or by shaped charges placed by divers.

Russian officials in recent months repeatedly warned of severe consequences should Kyiv try to strike the bridge. Former President Dmitry Medvedev said in July that hitting Crimea would cause “an immediate judgment day.”

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Saying the bridge has been destroyed is somewhat of an exageration. It will however to see what the response is.

It looks impassable to vehicles.

Probably both are true. It’s impassable, but not damaged beyond all hope of repair.

I assume that impassable was the goal.

Sadly, it looks like they have already repaired it emough for rail traffic.

I did check the twitter account some of this person, and they do not look like a pro-russian propagandist.

Russian repair crews have sent the first test train across the damaged section of the Crimean Bridge. A dozen passenger trains are scheduled to follow tonight, Transport Ministry officials say. A remarkable feat, given the footage of the damage from just hours ago.

Oh man, that’s too bad.