Bridge: BWS2017 question

This post seems like a waste, since I believe there are already 30 bridge posts on GoActuary, all 30 by me. This is also a very narrow question, involving the BWS2017 (Bridge World Standard 2017) system that is used in the BWS Master Solvers Club (MSC). I have a thread for discussing the MSC, but it’s for the 12 monthly problems each month, not for questions about the underlying system. I also asked this question on the AO this morning.

As with the MSC questions, this is completely system-dependent. It’s about what certain bids mean in BWS2017, not what the bids would mean when made by you and your favorite partner.


Sweet Tooth suggested I post this question on the AO:

After thinking that has fluctuated as I’ve been typing this, I end up that 2C and 2D should be natural, nonforcing, which to me is clear from the text of BWS. When responder bid 1S, beyond any reasonable doubt he bid competitively. Even though there are no cue bids available, “other low-level bids are natural” says 2C and 2D are natural, not new-minor forcing. (One might still wonder if they are forcing, and what 3C and 3D would mean).

One might disagree whether using 2C and 2D as natural is best, but I don’t see a case for them being new minor forcing in BWS as written.

The one bright spot: pc = pc + 1

Bridge is confusing