Bridge: 2021 District 4 MSC (now also 2024)

I’d consider J65 K842 4 AQJ52 to be a clear 4C bid (assuming I would have opened such a hand). So I sure don’t think 4C with the actual hand is an overbid.

3S submitted

3S got 80, the lowest score given to any chosen call (Pass also got 80. 1 panelist for each of those, with 5 solvers for 3S and 4 for pass. 4C got 100, 8 panelists and 10 solvers. 5C got 90, 4 panelists and 5 solvers.

I’m certainly not passing 3NT, even though at matchpoints it could be best. Reasonable choices seem to be 4H and 5H. Leaning toward 5H.

I don’t like where we are. Feels very difficult to explore slam in hearts from here. 5H seems to be the only way to do it, so that would be my bid.

I really don’t see any reasonable call other than 5H. Even if 4N were Blackwood (it’s not), I’m more worried about being off the AK of clubs than being off two aces.

Well, actually there is one other reasonable call (though I think it’s a clear second choice): 6H. And say a little prayer.