Bribes for COVID tests now

My co-worker just got a text from his doctor.

He will get a $25 Visa gift card if he comes in for a COVID test.

Not the vaccine…a rapid test.


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Does the doctor get a high reimbursement for the test?

That’s weird.

When you’re likely to get $75 from Medicaid or other insurance companies for a $45 test . . . still coming out $5 ahead.

(Note that these numbers are made up to illustrate what I think is really behind the testing incentive.)

And if you already have a case of testing supplies you’ve already paid for & need to use up before the pandemic ends…

I did notice that the company I bought most of my cloth masks from is currently advertising “buy 4 and get 4 free”. I assume they have a lot of stock they want to move.

They work very nicely to keep pollen out when I mow the lawn. In the past I tried a disposable N95 (horrible, sticky, hard the breath) and a disposable surgical mask (also too damp, and some pollen gets through, or more likely, around it) but this cloth mask is perfect. It’s easy to breath, didn’t get nasty from moisture, and it was pretty damn near perfect at excluding pollen.

But maybe I have enough? Hmmm.

I’ll probably wear a mask when I mow the lawn forever, though. Wow, so much nicer.

But why pay people to get them off your hands…

The doc has already paid for the tests, but can only get reimbursed for actual “deployment” of said tests.

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