Bread thread

Hey guys, I got a new hobby, I’m making bread! All kinds of bread actually!


I made a loaf last weekend:



We should go to a fancy bakery the next time I’m in town!!! :bread: :yum:

my wife did that during COVID, now we have a life

No bread here (partner doesn’t eat it so goes stale) but have been making kombucha. Replace flour and oil with bacteria and old fruit. Yum.

Who was the AO’s toaster guy? Crazy looking rabbit avatar?

Thanks @Mathman - it was @FormLetter

Oh man… was it FormLetter maybe?

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The dough was too loose this time. Next weekend I will use less water to see if I can get it tighter.

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Also, once my original flour is out, I will switch from all-purpose flour to bread flour.

This thread has led to a poor outcome. I was reading it thinking, hey I should make some bread. But it was late and didn’t have time for that so I made donuts instead. But didn’t have time to let yeast rise, so I made.yeastless. they were horrible, threw them out.

I blame the colonel.

I made dough around noon today. Gonna check it in another 1-2 hours, then 2nd rise and a bake!!! :bread: :yum:

Oh, that makes a surprising amount of difference.

All purpose flour is a blend of wheats. Bread flour is made from winter wheat and contains more protein and is firmer than all purpose flour.

Cake flour is softer and made from summer wheat and is milled a bit finer too and nearly always bleached, whereas unbleached all purpose and bread flour is much easier to find.

I keep all three on hand for different purposes.

I would pay good money for someone to make me zuccini bread with my garden zuccini

Too bad your neighbor left for Florida. Sounds like she would not want to lose that deal.

I’d happily make zucchini bread if you brought the zucchini, but that’s a long drive for zucchini bread.

I made all our bread before I had kids. Perhaps again one day…

I regularly made bread during the pandemic when you couldn’t buy bread. Then it became difficult to buy yeast, but fortunately I had bought a jar of yeast shortly before the pandemic so I wasn’t ever without.

I make bread at holidays because my family requests it. And sometimes if I realize we are out after Mini Me has gone to bed then I will make a loaf. I’ve got the routine down.

Making some dough for an overnight rise!!! :yum: :bread:

Ok I used less water and the dough held its shape a lot better, I could have done a better job mixing it though.