Box and Excel?

We’ve migrated most of our storage from network drives to Box, and I’m having some issues using certain formulas to link files together (like summing up a case reserves in a line of business file to put together a summary exhibit).

Does anyone know any tricks to get this to work?

Have you tried doing the sum in the original file and just linking to that cell? We’ve reduced a lot of linking since moving to a cloud based system, replaced by pasting values with documentation of what was linked and from where. It’s a lot uglier now, but has reduced frustration from weirdness specific to the cloud functionality.

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I can try that — I’ll have to create a linking sheet because the row where the total isn’t stationary (the spreadsheet automatically adds a new year when needed), but that’s probably for the best — using formulas across files probably isn’t best practices anyway!

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yeah, formulas across files is a big no-no, for stability and just general understanding. Here’s an article I wrote about good Excel practices:

Several Ways to Improve Your Use of Excel for Actuarial Production | SOA