Anyone here wear blueblocker glasses when on the computer?

I see them for around $30 at CVS, worth it?

Need to bump Misread thread titles…

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Alright now, I’m real fast,
Let me tell you what I think and this shall come to pass,
My name is ‘Geek’ I put ‘em on as a shocker,
Man, I love… these Blu Blockers,
Everything is clear, they block out the sun,
Oh yeah, I gotta get me some,
Everything is groovy now no bull in my speech,
This is what I do up and down Venice Beach,
My name is ‘Geek’ I’m more than a hip-hopper,
and I’ll be chic in my BluBlockers,
Yeah, know what I mean,
Everything is groovy, do you know what I mean?
I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,
Yep, these blockers are OK with me,
Yeah, see? It’s a fact,
My blockers, yeah, they go with my hat,
What more can I say, ahh, they are so nice,
These are the words that I love to spice,
Everything is great, now I must speak,
Blu Blockers, yeah, are for Dr. Geek,
So there ya have it folks, out there in TV land,
Get ya some glasses, that are sweep’n the land,
Remember what I said, now I’m a hip-hopper,
Yeah, go get ya some Blu Blockers, uh!
Nahh, yep it’s sweet,
I’ll see ya later, I gotta make some money on the beach

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Maybe I used the wrong phrase, didn’t mean the TV commercial sunglasses, but glasses for cutting down on computer screen glare and eye wear

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I have prescription glasses for my computer work. I recently paid for the anti-glare coating (extra cost from what my vision plan covers) that I didn’t do with the prior pair.

I think it has a noticeable impact, but I could be confounding the change in the correction; but I don’t get fatigued as quickly as I used to.

I may have to do something for anti-glare or such. I finally realized I have dry eye, and between staring at a computer monitor much of the day, probably not being far enough away, and probably not getting out of my office at home nearly enough, it’s causing issues.

Make sure you adhere to the 20-20-20 rule.

Evey 20 minutes look away at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Might be even better if you shorten the intervals to 15 even 10 mins.

Well shit, there’s my problem. I think I’ve been practicing the 480-60-1 rule.