Blue Cross Price Fixing

Alright. Which one of you did this?

This reminds me of being in health insurance and the company strategy was to cut doctors pay as hard as we could without losing too many of them. The consequence? Doctors stopped contracting altogether with insurance companies and went self pay for good.

This adversarial position between health insurance companies, patients and doctors can’t end well


I disagree with the premise that the Blues dividing out territories drives a significant increase in health insurance costs. Look at the national carriers like United, they aren’t necessarily cheaper than BCBS in each state even though they’re national.

I’d also say “Price Fixing” is a gross miscategorization of what is being alleged here.


I used to work there. Long time ago.
I was not in Group.

Not sure about price fixing, but my carrier requires me to purchase CPAP supplies via their third party. In some cases even my 20% copay was higher than what I might have paid via another vender.

I’m about to find out if that’s still the case bc it’s been 5 years and I probably need to replace the machine.