Blocking Posters

Is there any way to block posters like on the old AO?

If you go into your Preferences (click on your icon in the top right, select the person icon and then click on Preferences), the Users section lets you add users to an ignore list (no posts, notifications or PMs). Never tried it, though.

You can get the same effect by clicking on their icon in a post. Then you’ll have to click on their icon again in the dialog thing that comes up. That takes you to a page about them. There’s a box that says “normal”. Change it to “ignored”.

Bonus: if enough posters all ignore the same person, discourse automatically warns the moderators that “there might be a problem developing”.

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Thanks to all. He gets a one month ignore for now.

Who said that?!?! HAHAHAHA.NEVER.GETS.OLD!!!

Related Q: can you tell if someone is ignoring you?

Anybody seen VA around lately?


Note that there is an ignore option and a mute option. Not quite sure what the exact difference would be.

But if you go to your “Profile” and go to Users, you should be able to see the list of people that you have on ignore/mute with the ability to add/modify that list.

Muting supresses notifications. Ignoring supresses notifications and posts.