Big list of FM resources

I’ve compiled a list of current resources for SOA exam FM:

Sample Questions
SOA Sample Questions -
Solutions to the SOA Sample Questions -
University of Wisconsin - Sample questions and videos
MSU Online sample exam -
Saab Actuarial online testing - Randomly generated test bank from Elias Saab
University of Illinois, Feng Zhu - Variety of sample questions
Aaron Hardiek - Study questions and solutions
Andrew W. Lo and Jiang Wang (MIT) - Finance theory questions and solutions
University of Windsor -
York University -
University of New Brunswick - Scroll down to MATH 3803
Purdue - Lots of questions, a bit cumberson to navigate.
Sample questions from Digital Actuarial Resources - They also sell some study material, see the Commercial Study Resources links below
2 Free sample exams from the infinite actuary - Registration required.
Free Sample Exam - From Prof. Ambrose Lo, University of Iowa
Prof. Krzysztof Ostaszewski’s Facebook page -

Course material/lectures
Florida state course notes and sample questions -
Marcel B. Finan, Arkansas tech univerisity - A Basic Course in the Theory of Interest and Derivatives Markets: A Preparation for the Actuarial Exam FM/2
Wikibooks - Partial textbook for FM
Jitse Niesen University of Leeds - Financial Mathematics Textbook
Wikibookks - List of FM formulas
Doctor Hendel’s Lecture Notes -

Prof. Stephen Paris - Time Value of Money
Krzysztof Ostaszewski - Krzysztof Ostaszewski’s Youtube channel with a huge number of weekly problems and solutions.
Bill Kinney - Sample questions and videos
Mancinelli’s Math Lab - Youtube channel with a variety of topics centered on FM
Mancinelli’s Math Lab - …and they’re youtube channel with sample questions
Mancinelli’s Math Lab - …and some more must know stuff
Steve Pilloff. George Mason University - Videos on a variety of FM topics
TheActuarialGuy - Variety of problems.

Commercial study resources
The Infinite Actuary -
ASM (Actuarial Study Materials) -
BTDT Study Manual by Professor Krzysztof Ostaszewski -
Illinois State University online seminar by Professor Krzysztof Ostaszewski - Scroll down to the cost section to find the registration link.
Digital Actuarial Resources -
Coaching Actuaries (ADAPT) -
Actuary Exam Tutor - High powered, high priced customized personal tutoring.
Rethink Studying - Youngest FSA offers a free 5 day ‘how to study’ course and some exam prep material. Focused primarily on study techniques.