BIG 12 expansion options

So who do your thingk that the BIG 12 adds? If you have others suggestions, please add. You can pick up to 6.

  • BYU
  • UCF
  • Boise State
  • USF
  • Cincinnati
  • Houston
  • Memphis
  • SMU
  • North Dakota State
  • East Carolina
  • Navy

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I don’t see any conference adding one service academy w/o adding all of them, FWIW.

Note that I don’t follow any particular conference all that closely, and I know that some academies play a regular schedule with “local” conference teams.

Currently, Navy is in the AAC, Air Force is in the MWC and Army is independent. I’m pretty sure all the service academies have never been in the same conference. I don’t see that as being an issue at all.

I said BYU, Cincinnati, Boise State, Memphis and Houston. If the focus is purely football, I think Memphis is the odd one out. If it’s football + basketball, Boise State is the odd one out. I can’t see them going to Florida or the Carolinas if there are other options.

NDSU is a real longshot, even if it’s a member for wrestling. Yes, it’s beaten K-State and IAST and Iowa, so if that’s a sign of things to come it could hold its own in football. The other sports? Probably more iffy, and I don’t know if possibly being good enough in football is worth getting beaten up in the other sports.

NDSU not ready for the jump. the dome only holds so many, and is too small for Big D1. I think they like the niche they have and would only leave for a massive amount of cash. otherwise they just fade to oblivion as a doormat in too much.

they would recruit and throw money at stuff if they want, but recruiting to fargo just can’t be easy without the cache of how good they are at something. that is for kids not from ND/SD/MN/N WI

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Besides hockey and, I guess wrestling, there’s no way they’re competitive in anything else, amirite?

UND is the big hockey school. (the former Fighting Sioux)

out of the gate, no they wouldn’t jump to the Big12 and compete in much. But like St Thomas in st paul is jumping from D3 to D1 w a couple years notice to prep. So where they start doesn’t matter, although it does if we are talking about a ready to plug and play candidate for Big12 football.

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Might the Big 12 accept a Football only school?

On paper, NDSU could make the jump. The only requirements for FBS are:

  • Have a football team
  • Average 15,000 attendance in football across a 2-year period
  • Sponsor at least 16 varsity sports (including football), at least 6 of which are men’s (or co-ed) and 8 of which are all-female

They check all those boxes. Then the question gets down to competitiveness and will. After football, are they going to be competitive in men’s basketball? Women’s basketball? Baseball and softball? It’ll be easier without OU and Texas (and presumably Kansas), but it depends on who comes in. As I noted above, if the conference adds teams with an eye toward basketball, competitiveness becomes an issue. If it’s only football, it’s probably easier.

It’s also possible they’d go to say the Big 12 for football only, and then stick with the Summit for everything else. No idea how realistic that is, but I think it would get considered.

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I have closed the poll. Based on all the BYU articles I am seeing it looks like a done deal that it will be BYU, Houston, UCF and Cincinnati.

There has been talk that BYU could possibly be added for the 22-23 year, though more likely estimates are 23-24. Some people are saying that the BIG-12 might actually have 14 teams for a year or 2, but I’m guessing that OU and Texas will exit early if all 4 are able to be added before they are scheduled to leave.

OK, BYU is now in the Big 12. Now let’s see if they can beat Utah at home tomorrow night.