Biden's latest immigration plan

Protesters dressed in white are making their way to the border now.

What is the racist part?

I heard that “Remain in Mexico” was racist.

Did you even read the article you posted?

What about it?

I can’t believe that a good-faith actor on this forum posted this, with this thread title. This must be a troll.


Even the article title contradicts the thread title, even if they didn’t read the article.

Is “Remain in Mexico” racist or not? I’ve read that it was. Biden’s the president, and the democrats hold both chambers of congress. They can make any law they want. At the very least they can get everything up to the point where filibuster blocks them and then say “darn that filibuster”. Seems like the least they could do in the face of being “forced” to implement a racist policy.

You seem to feel anything you have read is worth repeating as accurate.

I believe this will be the last interaction I’ll have with this thread, and with this poster unless clarifying misinformation (disinformation? unclear how intentional it is) for other people.

The administration has said it will comply with Kacsmaryk’s ruling “in good faith” while continuing its appeal in the case. The administration also plans to issue a fresh memo to terminate the program in the hopes it will resolve any legal concerns surrounding the previous one, officials said.

“Re-implementation is not something that the administration has wanted to do,” a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said in a call with reporters. “But in the interim we are under this obligation of the court.”

It could be that “Remain in Mexico” is not racist. I don’t know. I figure the good people here can say definitively that “yes, Remain in Mexico is racist” or “no, Remain in Mexico is not racist”.

Yeah right, Fox “News”.

Can’t they fix this by passing a law?


If Mitch could persuade 9 of his colleagues maybe yes. If not read the previous post.

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Thread title changed to be more accurate with the linked article and be less inflammatory.

You’re going to be pretty busy if you make a habit of this.