Best things about Walmart

I like their brie cheese and pies.

Jamaican style spicy beef turnovers, chocolate milk, and transpore tape are cheap there. If I enter the store, I buy them.

I LOVE costco’s refrigerated family sized meals.

very short thread

not many best things about walmart.

need a costco thread instead


I only go to Wal-Mart to get lactose-free cream for my wife, or the odd trip when they seem to be the only place in town with something that I urgently need in stock.

Free pickup for online orders. Better prices than other retailers outside of Sam’s/Costco, but wider variety of items than Sam’s/Costco.

I end up there occasionally and always buy a few things that are always way cheaper than other places I shop 1) chocolate milk 2) Jamaican style spicy beef patties 3) hot cocoa mix

My WalMart-affiliated credit card pays 1% cash back; and offers $100 fee-free when I need a little cash.