Best recliners?

Interested in a living room recliner. Anyone have thoughts/recommendations? Brand, material, etc.

Following, … might need a new one for my office soon. But on the smaller side, for a big guy

I really like my Stickley leather recliners. But you need to buy during major sales, because their “regular” prices are crazy. I’m sure they don’t sell much at those prices, and it’s just part of their advertising to make their stuff look more valuable.

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Do they rock? Should’ve put that in OP. Want one for the living room to help with upcoming fam addition, so rocking as well is crucial!

No, i used an old-fashioned rocking chair when i had infants. I would expect that to be more reliable, and have a better “angle” than a recliner that also rocks, fwiw.

That is, i was mostly upright at the high end when i rocked infants.

Brand: I’m a big La-Z-Boy fan.

I used a traditional wooden rocker.

My daughter bought a really nice rocker at Bye Bye Baby, not sure still in business, but rockers built like an easy chair. Look at good baby, crib stores

We still use our nursery rocker. It was never nice, maybe $500, doesn’t recline, but it’s comfortable. I’ve been thinking about getting a recliner rocker for our living room when we get new furniture - which will be soon.

My Asperger’s makes rocking one of the most soothing things for me. 10/10 would neuroatypical again.

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Rocking without milk didn’t do shit. Lots of time bouncing on an exercise ball which sucked when exhausted but not as much as listening to screaming and crying or responsible for getting screaming and crying to cease when exhausted.


just buy a massage chair that reclines.

We have a rocker from first kid that’s still in the nursery and works fine. This is more of a leisure chair for intended purpose in the living room, but it would be nice if it also rocks so that we can do so with kiddo when the need arises. Just trying to have it multitask!