Best kitchen sponge

I got a pack of these Scotch Brite sponges and man they are like using one-ply toilet paper but for your dishes. What is the best kitchen sponge? I’m willing to pay top dollar for top quality sponges.

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I dropped the sponge and use a brush. Currently have this one I grabbed at Home Depot, seems to do the job and has held up pretty well.

This isn’t a total sponge replacement, but I use a pan scraper for any food stuck to the pans and found it works much better than those Scotch Brite sponges ever did. I use a brush or washcloth for the rest of the cleaning.


I am of the opinion that sponges in general are dangerous, smelly, bacterial colonies. If I use one, then I throw it away within 24 hours, usually less. I keep new Scotch Brite sponges on hand in Costco quantities so I have access to new ones, but only pull one out when cleaning up big meals once or twice a month. Otherwise I get by with paper towels and a dishwasher.

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Works especially well at getting that non-stick stuff off of your pans.


If you want to know about sponges, ask Elaine Benes.