Best Christmas and Christmas-Adjacent TV Episodes

In no particular order:

  1. The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t - The O.C.
  2. The Constant - Lost
  3. Mr. Monk Meets His Dad - Monk
  4. The Strike - Seinfeld
  5. White Trash Christmas - Roseanne
  6. Afternoon Delight - Arrested Development

:popcorn: may need to refer back to this next week

All the Psych Xmas episodes are great.


There are several good Dr. Who examples - but they are more “specials” than they are “episodes”.

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I debated adding the Christmas Black Mirror to the list but opted not to because it felt more special-y, as the whole show feels special-y.

Twenty-four stamps and I become a submarine captain!

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is that the one with the nipple Chistmas card?

No, that’s much earlier in the series, but that’s a great one too.

Creature Comforts

Edward Scissorhands

Huh. Well, MST3K is not what I’ve been thinking it was for, idk, many years.

Oh, yes, the King of Queens Christmas episode where Carrie gets Holly a pair of gold earrings.

…what did you think it was?

Some kind of like k-pop band or something? I’m not really sure.

Not a TV show, but…

Add to the list Carol of the Bells - Ted Lasso