Beer it forward

Ever see these things at a brewery or pub? I’m going to start to buy random/famous people a pint/flight. My attempt at going viral.

I’m buying Ryan Reynolds a pint. He’d be one to show up and do something like this. Who else would be good? I even thought Barack Obama. He had beer made at the White House.

I’ve never seen this but I like it.

sure, i am happy to buy someone a beer. but…how does this work?

if I walk in and my name is on the chalkboard, then someone has already bought me something? Do i pick their flavor?

If my name is there, I will have the Bellmont Shakes or the Wyld Ryed (depending on which location this is for).

I believe you could get Jon Bon Jovi to show up for something like this.

And Peyton Manning.

I’ve been to Nipomo at Santa Maria Brewing Company. It had something similar to this, appeared to be for locals. Could pay for 5 pints for John Smith (not John Smith 1607).

would be a laugh if someone paid for famous people’s beers. Next time I go up (will be in a few weeks), I might do that.

I’ll buy you a beer t.f

3rookie and DTNF too

But that’s it, for now at least.

I still owe @meep a drink. That’s been on my mind for some time. I don’t wanna be on her “List”. I hope she goes to the SoA spring meeting. That’s causing me anxiety.

Anybody makes it to Lawrence, KS, you can have a beer on me. We have some solid breweries here.

I drive by there all the time on my visits to family in CO . . .

But . . . I’d rather have my beer in a glass and sitting on a chair at a table or the bar, thank you very much.

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Be careful

T-roy. - Single dude, no responsibility, nothing to do……

In a two block radius we have two breweries, a hookah bar, a couple of upscale bars, and a couple of solid dive bars. And a couple of concert options.

you have before. i probably owe you one at this point.

soa health mtg perhaps.

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Buy her a spot on the “Beer It Forward” wall.

I think I owe a few people from here some drinks. Or at least an apology for getting drunk around them.

Alas, I will not be at the SOA Spring meeting.

I will be at the Hartford spring meeting, tho, for anybody who will be there…

Jon bought ME a beer at a bar once. Miller Genuine Draft. True story. Was like 1993 or 1994.

We also do a lot of work with his Soul Foundation.

if it was the soa health meeting where we met, then:

  1. while I may have swiped the card for that drink, it was on the corp card. feel free to have your expense account return the favor if it is allowed (and skip it if it isn’t - mine is always ready to buy more drinks for traveling employees)
  2. if you were drunk that evening i had no idea. no apology owed to me
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anyone named “NORM!”

Apocalypse Ale Works, Lynchburg, VA