BattleActs Study Platform Exam 6U and 6C Fall 2021

Both Exam 6U and 6C have syllabus changes for the Fall 2021 exam. BattleActs users: we will tweet as these articles become available. Many have already been updated. Make sure to look at our summaries as we will clearly highlight any changes you need to know.

One of our most popular features of the BattleActs study platform is our Ranking Table where we rank the importance and the suggested amount of study time to spend on each reading. Look at the ranking table and know instantly where to start studying and how much time to spend on each article. Here’s how we can save you time

We also offer gamified quizzes, web-based calculation problems, excel problems, customized explanations of the topics…and more.

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Hope to help you “Slay the Beast” this fall.

Graham Gersdorff

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