Bands or artists that you wished you could ahve seen live in their prime

What are some of the bands or artists you wished you could have seen live in their prime.

Could be bands that are no longer together or artists that are retired or dead. Or a combination.

I would loved to have seen:

Frank Zappa
The Who (original lineup)
Kiss (before they took off their makeup)
Billy Squier
Pop Will Eat Itself

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Definitely ac/dc. Reo speedwagon.

A few years ago there was a local classic rock concert so I was fortunate to see journey, white snake, and a few other classics. Also got to see saga, a local south eastern Ontario band that was popular when I was young.

Badfinger, CSN&Y, Beatles (did see Paul McCartney solo), Cream, Boston

I saw Boston on their first tour. It was my first concert.

Billy Joel before he started losing his voice and before he stopped performing Uptown Girl (though I’ve heard accounts that he did add it back to his repertoire eventually).




There’s probably dozens of others, but those come immediately to mind.

Led Zeppelin, The Who, Maria Callas, Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrant, and Jimi Hendrix. I would like to add the Beatles, but only if they could have muzzled all the screaming women in the crowd.

I saw Boston several years ago, and they still sounded great. Whoever was the lead singer sounded almost exactly like Brad Delp.

Last time I saw Kiss they had their makeup on, though it was just 2 of the 4 original members. Still was a great show with all the pyrotechnics. I guess I could add Queen to the list, though I’m guessing I could have gotten permission from my parents to see them if I really wanted to back in the 80s. I did enjoy seeing them with Adam Lambert, in part because I’m one of the few who likes Brian May more than Farrokh Bulsara.