Awful Data Visualizations


That’s… quite the graph.

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Dahel? :roll_eyes:

They spelled Defense wrong.

Why bother even putting the percentages on the bars? It’s clear to me that the intent is to ignore the numbers.

This is an amazing achievement

I mean, I suppose they could say they just used the map, in case you forgot what the U.S. looked like.



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This is far from the worst, but I do not like it

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I would guess the graph is Australian data. Defence is British spelling. Oddly the political party is Labor and not Labour as in the UK.

Good guess. If you zoom in, it says Nationals for regional Australia and the four stars (plus one little one) represent the southern cross, which you can only see in the Southern Hemisphere.

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I wonder if they presented a similar shaped graph to David Cameron when he thought it was good idea to put brexit to a vote.

So the orange bits are divide by zero errors


So Thanos is from the Netherlands?

dear lord, stop with this bullshit

from here:

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