Autumnal equinox

Um yes but the point is it is cold! So cold!!!

Thats not unread messages

Hey, it’s 46° right now in Kansas. I’m here for fall weather, big fan.

Then what does the bubble mean?

I think it’s conversations. Not sure. I have read all my messages.

I don’t even know 129 people to have conversations with

neither do i.

a message from verizon advertising shit counts as a conversation.

i also get a lot of messages from joe biden and his pals asking for money.

What app is it?

Fuck winter

That is about our high for the week. Probably the next several weeks.

Its too cold to move!!!

I find your screen layout very anxiety inducing.

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Too cold to fix

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Huh, it looks nice and tidy to me. Easy to find everything.

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Nah, I prefer hot sex myself

I need symmetry in my life. I am boring.

What happens when you have to evaluate a lognormal distribution?